Lower back pain is a common muscular problem. Poor posture, muscular tension, tissue sprain and so on are some common causes of lower back pain.


The general term referring to lower back pain is ‘lumbosacral pain’ or ‘Lumbago’. The term lumbago is derived from the Latin ‘Lumbus’ which means ‘Loins’. Thus ‘lumbago’ represents a ‘weakness in the loins’ or to be more precise ‘weakness in the lower back’.

Lower back pain or lumbar ache is the most common problem which, generally, arises due to spasm or sprain in the ligament or muscle in the lumbar region, osteoarthritis, and pressure on nerve roots due to spinal stenosis or herniated disc. Stones, tumors, kidney infections, endometriosis, ovarian cysts and hematoma may, at times, lead to this ailment. Factors such as obesity, poor body posture, stress, pregnancy, wearing high heels, lifting heavy weight, and smoking maximize the risk of lower back pain.

causes of lower back pain

causes of lower back pain

Lower back pain can affect the lifestyle of an individual. It is important for an individual (suffering from the problem of lower back pain) to maintain right postures while performing different activities. An individual can use different home remedies for lower back pain. It is important to note that some of the home remedies may not provide immediate relief from the problem of lower back pain.

Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain:

Heat Therapy

Applying heat generates healing warmth to the aching lower back. This is because heat has the ability to stimulate blood flow and also restricts the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Hence a hot water bath, heat compress or hot water bag will help provide soothing relief for an aching back.

Cold Therapy

Application of cold pack speeds up the healing process. Take some ice cubes. Wrap them in a plastic bag. Put it on your lower back. It acts as an anesthetic and gives you quick relief.


Endorphins are hormones manufactured by the central nervous system and pituitary gland. These produce natural analgesic action and are released in response to brain neurotransmitters. With release of these hormones the brain stops perceiving pain as these are feel good messengers alleviating anxiety-related symptoms.


Ginger is one of the most widely used home remedies for treating lower back pain. Ginger displays potent anti-inflammatory properties, which make it an effective home remedy for this problem. For treating lower back pain, you should crush ginger and extract its juice.

Warm Compresses

Warm Compresses are an excellent home remedy for relieving lower back pain. For treating lower back pain, medical professionals recommend applying warm compresses to the affected area for 20 minutes, two-three times a day. However, it is advisable that you do not use very hot compresses, as it can scald the skin.

Turmeric Massage

The medicinal properties in Turmeric is one of the most effective time-tested formula for treating inflammatory conditions. A potent antioxidant, turmeric contains cur cumin offering natural analgesic properties. According to Research, Cur cumin inhibits and regulates a protein that triggers an abnormal inflammatory response from the body. Therefore, drinking a glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of turmeric powder helps relieve stiffness and pain. Another remedy is to regularly massage the aching area with a paste consisting of two tablespoons each turmeric and milk along with a teaspoon of honey for about 5 to 10 minutes for a couple of weeks to ease inflammation.

lower back pain remedy

lower back pain remedy


Heavier people tend to experience more back pain. If you exercise, then you should be able to lose weight, and you may even be able to stretch out some of the muscles that are causing you pain.

If you are overweight, then you might want to start off with simple aerobic exercises like taking walks or swimming. Make sure to stretch before you exercise, as not doing so can cause even more pain.


Betel leaves contain polyphenol substances that offer anti-inflammatory benefits. Combined with their analgesic and coolant properties they act as a natural pain reliever and provide respite from a stiff painful lower back. Heat betel leaf and make a poultice or combine betel juice with coconut oil and massage the area thoroughly.