Metabolism and weight gain are closely related and this is the reason why by building your metabolism you can add a benefit to your weight gain plan.

Gaining weight can be as much of a struggle as losing weight when you have a high metabolism and also a genetic tendency toward slenderness. Weight gain supplements will let you add body mass simply by contributing protein, carbohydrates and fats to your regular diet of whole foods, but they also carry risks. Check with your health care provider before including these supplements with your meal plan to rule out any medical conditions that might be responsible for your problem in gaining weight.

Supplements for Metabolism

Supplements for Metabolism

Consuming More Calories

One should consume more calories to speed up their metabolism. Use a calorie calculator to find out the number of calories you get from your food. Also, find out the number of calories you burn. Do this for a couple of days, and note down the average figure. On an average, one eats 2000 calories a day. Increase the intake of calories by 500. After a week, measure your weight to check if you have gained weight. Continue the same intake of calories if you have gained weight.

Still, the same weight? Boy, you sure must be having a pretty fast metabolism! If there is still no weight gain, increase the daily intake of calories by another 300. Increasing the intake of calories doesn’t mean that you have to hog food that is fatty, and high in calories, like fast food, or fried food, or load things with extra cheese. Include more carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats in your diet.

About Supplements for Metabolism

If you are looking to gain weight then you have to have high metabolism for which you need to add a diet that matters. Weight gain supplements give you high quality proteins, energy dense carbohydrates and also healthy fats. A combination of these when added to your diet will supply you with all the components that you need to fuel your activities and also provide the building blocks for the growth of your tissue. An added benefit is that they also provide various vitamins and minerals that will make you support your health.

The interesting fact is that when you have high metabolism you will see that nutrition can be very helpful in adding weight to your frame. You must however add a strength training program as well because only then will it result in the composition of your body. So you should lift weights in order to gain the maximum results in gaining muscle mass. But when working out you should avoid any exercise that will burn calories as your aim when gaining weight to consume calories more and burn them less.

Foods You Should Eat:

  • Power Snack: You can make a sandwich with a vegetable or fruit spread. This will make a powerful energy snack. Sometimes you can make a sandwich with peanut butter or almond butter spread too.
  • Good Carbs: You can eat pasta and whole grain bread as they have a lot of carbohydrates in them. Other good carbs include fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts, etc. But, stay away from bad carbs like processed foods like cookies, fries, and refined grains like white bread.
  • Drink up: Drink fresh fruit juices, without sugar, and avoid sugary sodas and alcohol. Banana shakes or shakes with dry fruits and nuts in them are also a good idea. Protein power milkshakes are also helpful in gaining weight.
  • Dry Fruits and Nuts: Eat dry fruits, as they are rich in calories. Nuts have healthy fat stored in them. You can carry them easily, and eat them as snacks.
  • Proteins: For proteins, eat eggs, chicken, and some slices of beef. If you are a vegetarian, soybean is an excellent source of protein. Vegetarians can also consume plain yogurt and protein powder.
  • Essential Fatty Acids: Eat a lot of fish. It has good fats in it which is essential for weight gain and overall health. You can eat grilled, boiled or baked fish preparations.

    Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism

    Gain Weight With A Fast Metabolism


When you have a high metabolism, nutrition alone can add pounds to your frame but might not result in the body composition you would like unless you incorporate a strength-training program as well. Lifting weights, for example, results in a gain in muscle mass when your nutritional supplements provide you with sufficient dietary protein to build new muscle fibers. Although you might want to avoid excessive exercise that burns calories, a muscle-building fitness regimen helps you add lean muscle mass instead of fat tissue from the weight-gain supplements you consume.