Following Ayurveda medicines are helpful in gaining weight. There are different medicines in Ayurveda suitable for different problems.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Gain

Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Gain

Ayurveda is the Indian medical method that has the heritage of over 5000 years. Ayurveda has been gaining high popularity all over the world because of its holistic approach. Ayurveda which means the science of longevity has comprehensive solutions for all kinds of aliments and disorders. Ayurvedic treatments are very simple to follow and most of them are inexpensive as they are based on dietary solutions.

Ayurveda also give importance to meditation and yoga which helps in maintaining proper energy balance in human body. It also has solutions to many critical ailments for which even modern medicine has no solutions for. This wonderful medical treatment method has solutions for all those who suffer from underweight conditions. There are some special Ayurvedic remedies that help in weight gain. Nonetheless, you do need to follow some recommendations for lifestyle changes and take the Ayurvedic preparations as advised. Some herbal tonics in Ayurveda are:

6 Ayurvedic Medicines for Weight Gain:

Vasant Kusumakar Ras

Vasant Kusumakar Ras is a powerful Ayurvedic medicine and should be taken only when it is prescribed. It has several benefits and can be found in the form of tablet or powder. It helps to increase the weight of the body, provides a fairer complexion, elevated immunity and a sharper memory. 125 to 250 mgs of Vasant Kusumakar Ras is an ideal dosage, which should be consumed early in the morning. This Ayurvedic medicine is generally consumed with wither honey or sugar or ghee and there are several medicinal companies, which make use of this herb to produce different tablets.


Spices such as cinnamon, cayenne, ginger, etc. assist in elevating the weight of a person. The spices boost the digestive system and also tighten the immunity system of the body. Howbeit, only a certain amount of spices should be consumed at a time as an overdose may leads to several problems such as severe acidity, diarrhea, etc. With a regular consumption of limited amount of spices, one is assuredly going to gain weight.

Custard Apple

Custard apple acts as a great supplement in increasing the weight of the body. It assists in strengthening the body muscles and counteracts anorexia. One custard apple a day will ensure a strong immunity system for the body and will activate the functioning of the digestive system, which shall ultimately elevate the weight of a person.


Weak immunity system is often the cause for underweight problems. People with weak immunity system are more prone to have an underweight body. They always find it difficult to increase the body weight. So for such people it is important to increase the body immunity first so that they can increase body weight. Yashtimadhu is one solution for those who are suffering from weak immunity. Yashtimadhu can help such people in increasing the body strength and stamina thereby increasing the immunity.


Turmeric is not only beneficial for the skin and hair, but also assists in increasing the weight of a person. The regular consumption of this Ayurvedic medicine ensures strong digestive system, which in turn increases the hunger of the person. Turmeric is generally consumed with black pepper. The turmeric powder may even be sprinkled on vegetable dishes. This way, the person is able to consume more food and gain weight with ease.

Ayurvedic medicine

Ayurvedic medicine

Ashwagandha and Hot Milk

Ashwagandha is a highly beneficial Ayurvedic herb that is used for innumerous purposes including weight gain. Two tablespoons of Ashwagandha is to be mixed into a glass of hot milk. Thereafter, one teaspoon of clarified butter is to be added and mixed with hot milk. Regular drinking of this mixture will not only ensure stronger muscles and bones for the body, but will also aid in increasing the weight of a person.

Why Select Ayurvedic Medicine?

Most of the people have become conscious about the medicines they take and want to avoid any side effects caused by using the chemical compositions. Ayurveda uses naturally occurring herbs and minerals for the preparation of medicines and are safer than other medicines. Though the Ayurvedic medicines take some time to show the result, the result is good and permanent in most of the cases.